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In their joint work for A SPATIAL TURN, Surya Gied and Constanza Mendoza create a game concept based on painting that deals with psycho-geographical and psychological aspects of experiences of spatial divisions whose hegemonic properties and consequences of territoriality are confronted. The playing fields that emerge from the various colour surfaces form their own topography that is added to the picture afterwards, temporarily transforming the canvas of the painting into a game board for the duration of the evening and the exhibition into an evening of board games.
Surya Gied explores, in the form of painting, installation and drawing, the feeling of fragmentation and the associated abstraction of one's own identity. In many of her exhibitions, she extracts and duplicates individual elements from her works, which she places in current connections with the respective temporal-spatial environment in a performative and installative manner.
For Constanza Mendoza, board games are cognitive interfaces to an environment that, on the one hand, shapes the subjective characteristics of the player, but on the other hand also addresses a subjectivity that allows us to learn various personal skills in order to participate in the (game) world. Her work is directed as a critical challenge at existing bodies of knowledge.
A Spatial Turn is part of the current Kreuzberg Pavillon project A SPATIAL TURN, a series of playable situations in which the practices of artists and game makers meet in experimental exhibition formats. A SPATIAL TURN is curated by Heiko Pfreundt & Lisa Schorm and is sponsored by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.